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(LYCODream) Hybrid Wax


LYCODREAM HYBRID HOT WAX with Argan Oil, Arnica and Aloe Vera LYCOdream is a precise balance between LYCON’s legendary traditional hot wax and LYCOtec film wax. Used like hot wax, LYCOdream offers the same shrink-wrapping performance of LYCON...

(LycotecWHITE) Hot Wax


LYCOTEC WHITE HOT WAX XXX with Titanium Dioxide, Coconut Oil and Vanilla A new generation, high-tech, ultra-flexible and strong white hot wax. It contains Coconut Oil and LYCON’s unique Titanium Dioxide technology, creating a super gentle,...

Active Gold Strip Wax


ACTIVE GOLD STRIP WAX with Chamomile and Micro Mica Glows like gold and removes hair effectively, gently and quickly. Contains the soothing benefits of Chamomile and the finest grade of gold Micro Mica, for extra gentle waxing and no skin drag.

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel


ALOE VERASOOTHING GEL with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Arnica  LYCON’s freshly scented Aloe Vera Soothing Gel provides immediate and lasting hydration for the face and body. An excellent option to use during salon treatments, especially after...

Ingrown-X-it Solution


INGROWN-X-IT SOLUTION with Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Allantoin and Arnica A break through spray formula for the face and body. It mildly exfoliates and decongests with Salicylic Acid, helping to minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown...

Lycojet Eyebrow Wax


LYCOJET EYEBROW HOT WAX with Calendula and Chamomile LYCON’s world first innovation for eyebrows! A specialty wax for precise eyebrow sculpting, formulated with soothing and comforting Calendula and Chamomile. It removes hairs as short as 1mm...

LycoPro Duo Wax Heater


LYCOPRO DUO PROFESSIONAL WAX HEATER The LYCOPRO Duo Professional Wax Heater is attractive and practical, with efficient thermostatically controlled temperatures. Excellent and convenient for all hot and strip wax use, as it has 2 heating chambers with...

Lycotane Skin Cleanser


LYCOTANE SKIN CLEANSER with Jasmine and Chamomile This gentle, refreshing cleanser is used before all face and body waxing to effectively remove surface oils, perspiration, pollution, make-up and cream residue from skin. Also important to use after...

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