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The Best Wax for Brazilian Waxing in Your Studio

There’s something so special about the way the light hits the terra-cotta planters in your studio right before sunset. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to slow down, look around this entire dream you’ve built, and sit with it for a few minutes of gratitude. As your business and you evolve, aligning your products with your core values is essential.

Considerations for Brazilian waxing

The most amazing thing about being human is how different we all are. We come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and walks of life. Giving our bodies the same consideration means offering your clients of all skin types a waxing experience that is pain-free and won’t leave them with a rash or reaction.

Brazilian waxing deals with sensitive skin areas

Sensitive skin becomes a whole other ball game when we take note of the most sensitive areas of our bodies. Brazilian waxing focuses on the most sensitive area of our skin. Bikini waxes pay special attention to the hair that falls outside of the bikini line. With that in mind, having a range of waxes for clients with varying skin cells and types creates a much more accessible and inclusive experience.

Quick application and setting time

Utilizing a variety of wax beads is like having a smorgasbord prepared when you’re having guests over. Different strokes for different folks.

Everyone’s tastes and needs are different, And you can honor that by offering a quick application and setting time. Somewhere waxes are notorious for just the opposite. Knowing your products and diversifying your shelves is an essential part of this process.

Brazilian waxing involves the coarsest hair

Getting a full Brazilian can be an overwhelming, anxious experience If your client doesn't know what to expect. Brazilian waxing involves the coarsest hair on their bodies, meaning it’ll hurt much less and the results will last much longer with the right technique and type of wax.

Hard wax vs soft wax for Brazilian waxing

As an esthetician, it's your duty to know what type of wax should be used for each appointment. Explaining your product use and process to clients makes them feel comfortable and trusting while they’re in your care. This begs the question: should you use hard or soft wax for Brazilians?

Benefits of hard wax for Brazilian waxing

Hard wax has a thickness to it so as it hardens on your skin you can pull it back with your hands, eliminating the need for waxing strips. Since waxing strips are not required, the process is a lot less painful. 

Hard wax is ideal on the bikini line, the face and under the arms given how sensitive these areas are. There’s also less residue left behind after a hard wax, which is a plus if you’re attempting to remove ingrown hairs. Additionally, hard wax only adheres to your client’s hairs, and not their skin. You can imagine why this results in less irritation and discomfort!

brazilian waxing

Should you ever use soft wax for Brazilian waxing?

Soft wax is a great option for areas with a larger need for coverage. Using soft wax for a Brazilian could end in a sticky situation. While soft wax might be slightly more affordable than hard wax, it typically results in a higher risk for irritated skin, especially if you apply it to the same area more than once. Multiple applications are normal for a Brazilian due to the coarseness of hair growth; soft wax is simply not as effective as hard wax for this service.

The best hard wax for Brazilian waxing

In order to make the best choices for your clients, having all of the data available and accessible is essential. Knowing the grade and quality of your ingredients can make a huge impact not only on your sales but also on the trust you build with your clientele. When you believe in a product, you show your customers in the passionate way you speak about it. That in itself is a marketing strategy. If you apply that consideration to post-wax care, you’ll have clients for a lifetime.

Lycon hard wax

Lycon hard wax is the perfect example of a strip hard wax that contains soothing, natural ingredients– making it a brilliant option for stubborn hairs on any area of the body or face. Lycon makes pulling hairs as short as 1 mm a breeze, which with other waxes, is an absolute nightmare. Melting at a lower temperature in the wax warmer than most waxes, it provides a better experience overall for those in the chair.

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Setting your business up for success means arming yourself with the right knowledge and proper tools for the job. If there’s a better resource for smooth skin, why not take advantage of it? Connect with The Wax Academy today to stock your shelves with the best waxing supplies that your clients deserve.